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Distributed Monuments, Geddes Gallery, London, July 2016

The exhibition presented a contemporary archaeology of Distributed Monuments. Showing a range of work including performances, 3D prints, sculptures, videos, text, sound, paintings and photography.

Advancements in technology have led to new understandings of the physicality of “things.” Mass online image circulation and photogrammetric software have given rise to a new existence of historical artefacts. Smart technologies produce devices that know us better than we do.

This exhibition provided a consideration of the immaterial value placed on sites, images and objects that traverse across online and offline passages. An examination into notions of digital time was offered up against a set of geological, political and historical contexts. The exhibition itself provided a space for generating new cultural production within the fragile and multi-temporal present-day.


Situated in a disused shop and the empty flat above, the explicit historical presence of the space hoped to bring an added narrative to these discourses. Contemporary works of art by a selected 15 artists in varying stages of their career were exhibited. ‘Distributed Monuments’ celebrated practices embedded in both material and social engagement, as is influenced by a world experiencing an increasing infiltration of the digital.

Taking its title from the following Rhizome article (, ‘Distributed Monuments’ tackled our ever-evolving relationship to these issues in the accelerated present. Film screenings of Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke’s work ‘The 3D Additivist Manifesto’ also took place throughout the show.

Curated by Naomi Ellis

Artists exhibited: - Katriona Beales - Anusheh Siddiqui - Jessica Young - Zara Ramsay - Yuyu Wang – Jack West – Kerry O'Connor - Philip Williams - Naomi Ellis - YETI – Nicola Lorini – Abbi Jones - Gonçalo Lamas - Nisha Desai - Juan Covelli -

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